A Little History... 

David’s Unforgettable Balsamic Sauces originated almost a decade ago at Café Unforgettable Cakes, a café and bakery in Sherman Oaks, California. The reaction of the cafe's customers to the Original Balsamic Vinaigrette was, frankly,  extraordinary. Its uniquely complex, robust and yet subtle set of flavors seemed to compliment almost every dish the cafe served, from a tuna sandwich to the house special salad. It became the cafe's signature favorite, with lunchtime lines out the door.

Soon customers were taking just the vinaigrette home in deli containers, and local restaurants were buying it by the gallon to spice up their fare – from Balsamic Sauté’s to marinades to dipping sauces with appetizers and crudités. That unforgettable flavor just could not be contained.

Before long, demand for the Balsamic Vinaigrette outpaced the café’s ability to produce it and David reached out to form a manufacturing partnership with Earth Island, the natural food company with a cutting edge, solar powered plant in Canoga park. Earth Island has its own, well-known natural product line: Follow Your Heart.

David’s Unforgettable Balsamic Sauces continue to build a growing fan base among those who both appreciate a savory and healthy choice in fine eating and creating unique and unforgettable dishes for their family and friends.

Today, new Unforgettable sauces are in the works. Be on the lookout for an ever expanding variety of taste experiences you will never forget… they’re unforgettable.


Our Mission... “Unforgettable flavor… naturally healthy”


“Unforgettable... remarkable, treasured, extraordinary”