Hal's Grilled Artichokes
1: Get the largest artichokes you can find.
2: Lay the artichoke on its side and cut the top of the leaves off so it becomes “flat top”.
3: Trim the stem so that the artichoke will stand up straight, not topple over, when you stand it up on the stem (not always possible but get as flat on the top and the bottom as you can).
4: Turn the artichoke upside down (stem side up) in a vegetable steamer and steam until fork tender – but not mushy!  Maybe 45 mins to one hour depending on size.  Less if smaller.
5: Remove the artichoke from the steamer and place it stem side down on a plate, then drizzle a generous amount of Balsamic Vinaigrette on top of each artichoke so it drizzles between all the leaves.  Massage the artichoke a bit so the dressing dribbles into the artichoke between the leaves. Let it sit on the plate for a few minutes so gravity brings the vinaigrette to the base on the artichoke leaves. 
6. Place the artichokes stem side down on a hot BBQ grill (charcoal is best) and cover the BBQ.  Let them smoke in there for at least 10 mins.  It is fine if they burn some on the outside/bottom, a char is good.
Serve and enjoy!